Poca (the papergirl) – Stranger in the Night

New video from Poca (the papergirl) off her new mixtape Don’t Judge Me. Download the mixtape here.


Keys Diss to Nicki Minaj

Saw this in the a.m. and I had to post it. Thanks Fab Empire for the original post.

New Deena Jonez – Memoirs of a Libra

Download the album here.

Check out Back to the Notebook while you’re here, you know that joint Encore closed out the Piss In The Wind vol. 1 Mixtape last year, right? Speaking of… did you watch her video from the Summer MC Search? She spit on a corner in BK and it was bananas! Folks started crowding around her, it was beautiful. View the video.

Monie Love Wants Your Music

hip hop artist Monie Love is accepting submissions for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Mic mixtape. i found out about it from Sohipotome.com.

only submit if your music is fire! i said fire!

read the article and submit your music here.


Mixtape Snippets


The upcoming mixtape will feature music from:
RE Double D
Lady L.U.S.T.
Boog Brown
Rita J
Jay Mills
Kin 4 Life
Adrift Da Belle
RA the MC
Deena Jonez

To hear snippets from the Piss In The Wind mixtape download here. These snippets are a taste of what’s to come. I’ll put out more snippets next week.


Rita J – Asses Shakin’


I came across Rita J on the Summer MC Search in Atlanta. I’ll have her dope interview up soon, until then listen to Asses Shakin’.

You can download her mixtape Ms. Jackson here.

Philly to NYC – Summer MC Search

If you can’t see the video, click here.

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