Keys Diss to Nicki Minaj

Saw this in the a.m. and I had to post it. Thanks Fab Empire for the original post.


Open Letter to Nicki Minaj



Dear Nicki,

I was glad to read your change of heart about how your image is being presented. I have enjoyed your music and have had several conversations with your fans about your career. You see, I work with kids in schools and afterschool and I get to see how the kids look up to you.


There have always been discussions about whether art imitates life or life imitates art. I’m not going to have that discussion now because it doesn’t matter to my kids. What does matter to them is how fly/sexy you look in your photos, how you have taken on the monikers The President’s Mistress and Nicki Lewinski, and if you are sleeping with Lil Wayne.

Some will argue that one rapper doesn’t mean anything in the great scheme of life. These people are idiots. You are influencing my kids everyday. My young women are trying to emulate you in style and dress. My young men are seeking out young women that copy you in style and dress and treating them like whores. Strong words, no? As Beans said, “harsh life, harsh verses”.

Too many young men are walking up to young women talking to them about how “sexy” they are and what kinds of sexual positions they think the young woman would be good at. The first time I heard an exchange like that I was surprised. Not because the young man had the bald faced audacity to engage in such a disgusting conversation, unfortunately I’m used to thinking boys, young men, and older men are raised to be pigs, but because the young woman smiled while he suggested that she would be good at certain sexual situations and even encouraged him by laughing coquettishly.

I’m not implying that you have caused all things that I’m talking about. I am saying that my kids continually cite you as one of their favorite rappers and I’m glad that today I could talk to them about image and reputation while citing you as a positive example.


 I wonder what the new image is going to look like. Where will you draw the line? What is too much T & A and how will showing less of it affect your career? I read the blog post you put on MySpace, like thousands of others, and saw some people say that they will no longer be fans if they can’t peer between your thighs. I wonder how this makes you feel.

The first time I saw your album cover I thought two things 1) did Lil’ Kim get even more surgery? And 2) damn her pussy fat. Not once did I think, “wow, she’s probably a dope MC”. What do you want your career to be about? With this change of attitude, I’m hoping you want it to be about the music. Hip Hop needs a woman to rock the mic. My kids need a woman, not another sex kitten, to represent strong, intelligent, confident womanhood over sick beats and with lyrical skill. Can you be that artist?

Maybe you can.

I’m looking forward to hearing more music and finding out more about this change in attitude. Though neither will affect my life too much, my kids are listening.

Best of luck,

La Blaxicana