She’s So Fresh III

the good folks over at the B Side Show have a post with all type of video from She’s So Fresh III out in NY. Shout out to the host, Tasty Keish and the woman that puts it all together, Bless Roxwell.

From the B Side Show:
“One of the best places to catch some of this raw talent is at the She’s So Fresh” showcase put together by fellow femcee Bless Roxwell. As always the last showcase, held on 2/4/10, was a success with talent from the 5 boroughs and Canada blessing the mic.”

View photos from the event on Bless Roxwell’s site.

New York STAND UP!

Don’t forget that Mama’s Hip Hop Kitchen vol. 3 is coming up March 6th.

La Blaxicana


Mala Reignz – Calm Before the Storm Promo

i know, i know…..

i’m late. i had to post it though. Mala Reignz. Calm Before the Storm (promo video). EP Releasing on January 29,2010 Produced by Kwan Lee.

Mala Reignz on Piss In The Wind:

All I Got Is You (freestyle)

Walking On The Moon (remix)


Lin Que – Nothing’s Changed

Lin Que, known from X Clan, with a new video, “Nothing’s Changed”

Vintage Mala Reignz

I was on Twitter late and Mala Reignz tweeted that this video was “vintage Mala Reignz” when I clicked on it I saw the verse was over Ghostface’s All That I Got Is You beat and I was a little hesitant. I’m a HUGE Ghostface fan, but ya girl delivers.

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Piss In The Wind vol. 1 Mixtape


Piss In The Wind vol. 1

1. I Spit – RE Double D
2. Interlude – Take Cover
3. Dun Eeze – Adrift Da Belle
4. Interlude – The Fembassy
5. Unstoppable – Emperess
6. Fly With Me – Kin 4 Life
7. Interlude – Lin Que aka Isis
8. Still Dope – Stahhr
9. Understand Me – Lady L.U.S.T.
10. Interlude – Reppin for the Ladies
11. What We Do – Kandi Cole
12. Interlude – Patty Dukes
13. I’m So Lebron, I’m So Kobe – RA the MC
14. Freestyle – Rita J
15. Dreamin’ – Rita J
16. Ain’t Nobody – Luxi
17. Interlude – Middle Finger Champ
18. The City is Mine – Naira
19. Freestyle – Boog Brown
20. Love – Miki Vale
21. Freestyle – Jay Mills
22. Watch It – Jay Mills
23. Encore – Deena Jonez

Hear the snippets here.

It’s here: 53 minutes of FIRE! Download the full Piss In The Wind vol. 1 Mixtape here.

Download the mixtape on Dat Piff here.

Find out how to contact each artist here.


Deena Jonez – Back to the Notebook


This is Deena Jonez’ new mixtape entitled Back to the Notebook. Click here to download the full album.

Her song Encore will also appear on Piss In The Wind vol. 1.

Hip Hop Trading Cards

Have you heard about the Hip Hop Trading cards? Me either! lol I didn’t find out about them until I attended the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. The cards are like football or baseball cards and will probably gain value over time.

For more information on them visit the Hip Hop Trading Card site. You should also suggest your favorite MCs by sending an email using the contact page.


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