Emperess Live Jan. 22

You should remember Emperess from the Summer MC Search and the Piss In The Wind Mixtape vol. 1. Here’s some of what she’s been up to lately.

Video courtesy of rnlification: “Recorded on January 22, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. Empress Michielle is killing it at the Black Madona’s event @ the Red Lounge. SHe is killing it!!!!!!! Enjoy”


Piss In The Wind vol. 1 Mixtape


Piss In The Wind vol. 1

1. I Spit – RE Double D
2. Interlude – Take Cover
3. Dun Eeze – Adrift Da Belle
4. Interlude – The Fembassy
5. Unstoppable – Emperess
6. Fly With Me – Kin 4 Life
7. Interlude – Lin Que aka Isis
8. Still Dope – Stahhr
9. Understand Me – Lady L.U.S.T.
10. Interlude – Reppin for the Ladies
11. What We Do – Kandi Cole
12. Interlude – Patty Dukes
13. I’m So Lebron, I’m So Kobe – RA the MC
14. Freestyle – Rita J
15. Dreamin’ – Rita J
16. Ain’t Nobody – Luxi
17. Interlude – Middle Finger Champ
18. The City is Mine – Naira
19. Freestyle – Boog Brown
20. Love – Miki Vale
21. Freestyle – Jay Mills
22. Watch It – Jay Mills
23. Encore – Deena Jonez

Hear the snippets here.

It’s here: 53 minutes of FIRE! Download the full Piss In The Wind vol. 1 Mixtape here.

Download the mixtape on Dat Piff here.

Find out how to contact each artist here.


Mixtape Snippets


The upcoming mixtape will feature music from:
RE Double D
Lady L.U.S.T.
Boog Brown
Rita J
Jay Mills
Kin 4 Life
Adrift Da Belle
RA the MC
Deena Jonez

To hear snippets from the Piss In The Wind mixtape download here. These snippets are a taste of what’s to come. I’ll put out more snippets next week.


Emperess – Outside the Box


Download the new mixtape from Emperess “Outside the Box” here.

Read the full interview with Emperess here.

DMV – Summer MC Search

Emperess: to read the full article click here.

Visit Jay Mills at www.TheRealJayMills.com

Check out Mz. Mimz on her blog and follow her on Twitter.


Click here to listen to RA the MC‘s latest freestyle on DJBooth.net.

Summer MC Search … by City


Hedonis da Amazon

Eagle Nebula
Lin Que
Tiye Pheonix
Mala Reignz
God-des and She
Deena Jonez
Joey Too Fresh

Lady Venom
RA the MC
Madom Madan
B. Sheba

Kin 4 Life
Boog Brown
Stacy Epps
DJ Princess Cut
The Poster Girl

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Emperess: The Queen At What She Does



Man, I’m so glad I got a chance to chat with Emperess. She’s an emcee, a photographer, and all-around dope woman. Watch out. She may be the next David Hasselhoff! Lol


“I’m not a rapper” – Emperess


Emperess began spitting about eight years ago. Her debut performance was at a talent show held at a comedy club named Jokes On Us. From that inauspicious beginning she has gone on to rock shows near and far. In fact, you can catch her tonight at Axum if you’re in the DMV. If you miss the show, no worries. Check for her new mixtape, Outside the Box coming, possibly, as soon as next week, but don’t call her a rapper. “You can hear rappers on the radio. My mom is a rapper. If hip hop is not your life and it’s not your culture, you’re not an emcee. If you’re in it for the money, you’re not an emcee.” She’s an emcee.


“We are the weirdest people you will ever meet” – Emperess


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get you this excited, but…. I have a secret. Her EP Emperess Presents: The Life and Times of Billie Jean’s Kid is coming out this summer. It’s a concept album in which Emperess takes on the character of one of the twins born in the song Billie Jean from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. That is kinda weird, but it’s kinda dope too, no?


“MySpace is good for something!” – Emperess


She has music coming out in Germany with a producer named Ulliversal. They have a bartering situation going on where he sends her beats to rhyme over and she gives him verses and guess how they met? On MySpace! Can we say European tour? Well, not yet.. but have your bags packed just in case. She’s going worldwide, baby! Next time you get a strange friend request think twice before you deny it.


“You don’t have to be anybody else” – Emperess


True. Can we send that memo to my long list of MCs (both male and female) that try too hard. She says, “people talk about the way I dress, they wouldn’t tell me to my face, you not sexy enough.” How many people will pick up an album with a half naked woman on it before they check for an album with a regular (read: clothed) picture? Emperess ain’t mad though, “if that’s you, be you, but if it’s not, then don’t do it.”


“I’m not in my top 5 because there’s always room for growth” – Emperess


I like to ask which artists are top in each artist’s mind because I think it says something about them. Though she doesn’t list herself in the top 5 she says, “I’m definitely in the top 10!” In no particular order she lists: Andre 3000, Nas, Slick Rick, MC Lyte, and Phonte of Little Brother as her favorite artists. We chatted briefly about why Slick Rick is so dope and she said that it’s because of his story telling.

Well, I won’t compare myself to Ricky, but I hope you’ve enjoyed my story about how Emperess is a woman, a true emcee, and a beautiful person. Check back later to see how it all ends.


FIN …..

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