Boog Brown – The Grind Season Vol 1

New mixtape from Boog Brown

Sownlaod The Grind Season Vol. 1

You might remember her from the Summer MC Search.


She The Hard Way – Atlanta Music

The good folks over at Creative Loafing have put together an article and posted a video on a new album coming out called She The Hard Way. The 5 emcees that are coming together for this project? StaHHr (formerly StaHHr tha F.E.M.C.E.E.), Khalilah Ali, Rita J, Boog Brown and Sa-Roc. The Producer? Sol Messiah.


Read the article and watch the video here.


Piss In The Wind vol. 1 Mixtape


Piss In The Wind vol. 1

1. I Spit – RE Double D
2. Interlude – Take Cover
3. Dun Eeze – Adrift Da Belle
4. Interlude – The Fembassy
5. Unstoppable – Emperess
6. Fly With Me – Kin 4 Life
7. Interlude – Lin Que aka Isis
8. Still Dope – Stahhr
9. Understand Me – Lady L.U.S.T.
10. Interlude – Reppin for the Ladies
11. What We Do – Kandi Cole
12. Interlude – Patty Dukes
13. I’m So Lebron, I’m So Kobe – RA the MC
14. Freestyle – Rita J
15. Dreamin’ – Rita J
16. Ain’t Nobody – Luxi
17. Interlude – Middle Finger Champ
18. The City is Mine – Naira
19. Freestyle – Boog Brown
20. Love – Miki Vale
21. Freestyle – Jay Mills
22. Watch It – Jay Mills
23. Encore – Deena Jonez

Hear the snippets here.

It’s here: 53 minutes of FIRE! Download the full Piss In The Wind vol. 1 Mixtape here.

Download the mixtape on Dat Piff here.

Find out how to contact each artist here.


Mixtape Snippets


The upcoming mixtape will feature music from:
RE Double D
Lady L.U.S.T.
Boog Brown
Rita J
Jay Mills
Kin 4 Life
Adrift Da Belle
RA the MC
Deena Jonez

To hear snippets from the Piss In The Wind mixtape download here. These snippets are a taste of what’s to come. I’ll put out more snippets next week.


Atlanta Lyricists – Summer MC Search

Hear more from Boog Brown. Check for the mixtape: Miss Black America coming soon. Also in the works, Dope Girl Magic. Stay tuned.

Hear more from Rita J. Download the Ms. Jackson mixtape now. Keep an ear to the street for the full album release Artist’s Workshop.

Summer MC Search … by City


Hedonis da Amazon

Eagle Nebula
Lin Que
Tiye Pheonix
Mala Reignz
God-des and She
Deena Jonez
Joey Too Fresh

Lady Venom
RA the MC
Madom Madan
B. Sheba

Kin 4 Life
Boog Brown
Stacy Epps
DJ Princess Cut
The Poster Girl

If you know someone else that I should be talking with email me at with contact info and links to their music.