Pearls of Wisdom

Last night’s Pearls of Wisdom show was bananas. I’m sorting through all the video and photos, but I wanted to at least let you know what’s coming. DJ Bonnie Danger and DJ Jasmine Solano were on the 1s and 2s.

Green Party VP candidate Rosa Clemente was also in the building!

There were performances by:

Bless Roxwell


Eagle Nebula

Jessie Rose

Patty Dukes and A Fig

Kalea All Day brought Likwuid in the stage

Lah Tere

more to come ……



Drop Beats Not Bombs Radio 9pm -11pm

Monday, November 30th I’ll be on the Drop Beats Not Bombs radio show talking about… what else? Women in Hip Hop! The whole show will be dedicated to talking about women that rap, dj, produce, etc. I’m really looking forward to hearing some new music and talking about all the dopeness that’s out there from women.

Tune in to WPVM Monday 9pm – 11pm EST to hear your favorite MCs get the love they deserve. I’ll be there!


Only Magazine About Women in Hip Hop – Anattitude


Found this great article on M.I.S.S. about Jeannette Petri and the only magazine that reps for women in hip hop, Anattitude! I wanted to share it with you:

“As promised, we’re hitting you with another installment of one of our most popular features—Women Making History!

Today, we are honoring a sister out of Brussels: Jeannette Petri—they call her Jee-Nice!—the creative force behind Anattitude Magazine.

Not familiar with the magazine? Well, we’re about to hip you!

Founded by Jeannette Petri, Anattitude Magazine has been around since 2005. The magazine is the first and only existing international Hip Hop magazine in print that represents the female side of Hip Hop culture. Intended as an antidote to the one-sided, boring, even nonexistent representation of contemporary female Hip Hop culture in the media. Anattitude presents strong independent women from around the world with a special focus on the variety of gender styles.”

To read the full article visit M.I.S.S. online.

Homeless Task Force Rally in Atlanta TONIGHT

The Homeless Task Force is an organization out of Atlanta that helps homeless men. They were having a huge issue because the city cut off the water supply. Click here to read more about the water issue.

The larger issue is that the facility that helps over 1,000 people per day doesn’t have the funds it needs to continue running! Though primarily a men’s shelter the facility also helps between 10 and 60 women and children a night allowing them to sleep in the lobby.

Contribute $5 to help the Homeless Task Force to help the community help itself.

Bring your $5 to the rally tonight. STAND UP Atlanta! The facility provides the tools necessary to help homeless men, many veterans, get back on their feet through providing housing, transportation, job skills, etc. to help the community help itself.

Sex Worker Defends Herself?

Cant see the video? Click here.

This is crazy! A stripper at a Florida club gets hit really hard on the ass. A little while later the patron that hit her gets kicked in the head. Is it self defense?

Sounds Like Some Rappers I Know

if a man isn’t qualified…. well, i can’t even imagine that!

Female MCs are a Gimmick?

i’m throwing it out there because i’ve heard it said a few times now: are MCs born with two x chromosomes just gimmicks?

think back over all the MCs you thought were dope. hmmm

1) MC Lyte

2) Queen Latifa

3) Salt-n-Pepa …. okay, they are a little gimmicky….

4) Monie Luv

5) Lauren

6) Foxy Brown

7) Eve

8 ) Remy Ma

i’m leaving out a lot, i know… but i could here writing all day about the chick i saw in San Diego rip the mic on a dude stating, “your blood type’s AB, mine’s MC” (and the crowd goes wild) or the many, money, say me say many, many, many dope MCs i’ve seen over the years in clubs, at cyphers, and hustling hard with CDs in hand in front of swap meets, stores, and other unlikely purchase spots.

i must admit, when i think of women in hip hop in the present i think of Lil’ Kim…. and that’s it. not because she’s dope, but because she STAYS in front of the camera. usually barely clothed and, as of late, looking more white every day. is this what emceeing has come to? who can dress the least and can swallow a whole can of pop?