Poca (the papergirl) – Stranger in the Night

New video from Poca (the papergirl) off her new mixtape Don’t Judge Me. Download the mixtape here.


New Deena Jonez – Memoirs of a Libra

Download the album here.

Check out Back to the Notebook while you’re here, you know that joint Encore closed out the Piss In The Wind vol. 1 Mixtape last year, right? Speaking of… did you watch her video from the Summer MC Search? She spit on a corner in BK and it was bananas! Folks started crowding around her, it was beautiful. View the video.

Boog Brown – The Grind Season Vol 1

New mixtape from Boog Brown

Sownlaod The Grind Season Vol. 1

You might remember her from the Summer MC Search.

Kandi Cole – Happy Birthday, Kandi Cole

Download Kandi Cole’s new album here.

Evon – The Music Bully

need something new to listen to? maybe something with a British accent? i got you. listen to Brit rapper Evon’s take on Blacks, women, and Londoners rapping on “No One Raps From London”.

listen here.


She The Hard Way – Atlanta Music

The good folks over at Creative Loafing have put together an article and posted a video on a new album coming out called She The Hard Way. The 5 emcees that are coming together for this project? StaHHr (formerly StaHHr tha F.E.M.C.E.E.), Khalilah Ali, Rita J, Boog Brown and Sa-Roc. The Producer? Sol Messiah.


Read the article and watch the video here.


New Kandi Cole


Download Works Well With Others from Kandi Cole here.

She’s also on the mixtape! Hear Kandi Cole and other dope women on Piss In The Wind vol. 1.