La Blaxicana

been around the world and ay ay ay …. wanna know why so many dope lyricists are not on MTV, BET, ya local radio station, etc. i’m gonna get all the hot ish right here for your consumption.

feel free to let me know how you feel about me, the artists, the music, whatever. hip hop is all about expression, right?

La Blaxicana



  1. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DOPE!! Thanks for being so proactive!!

    • Thanks for being so supportive. I appreciate the love.

  2. I love it! Yes, female MC need a voice. Thanks for creating this channel for them!


    • I can’t wait until the word gets out and more MCs start getting at me to put up thier material!

  3. Peace Queen,

    I’d be open to building about possibly working together. I am endeavoring to be more positive, but to put it succinctly, Hip Hop is not on those major and corporate outlets because they know what Hip Hop is and don’t like being called on their ish. Top 40 rappers are willing to play the mouse to get a crumb of the cheese. MCs would rather more nourishing food so they have the strength to avoid the traps. But i’m just Kanyein’ ya (not saying anything new, just saying it creatively).

    One Love,
    Curry Kid

  4. This is a really dope blog, glad I got put on to it. Was looking for somewhere to find some talented femcees. Keep doing what you do


  5. Oh, my…I hope I’m not too late for the mixtape submissions. We just released my first club banger this past Tuesday night! (7-7-09) Great blog! I want in…

  6. what it do LaBlaxicana? I hope all is well with you and yours. I was hittin u up tryin to make sure i havent missed the next mixtape… are u doing another one?

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