Cymphonique – Lil Miss Swaggar

New video Lil Miss Swaggar from Master P’s daughter Cymphonique. Can’t see it above? View it here.



Wierd MC – New Ish

Two new songs, Gele Gogoro and Happy Day, from Nigerian rapper Weird MC. Listen here. What do you think?

Watch her classic video Ijoya here.


Pearls of Wisdom Show in the South Bronx

This was a dope event thrown by The Rebel Diaz Arts Collective and Mama’s Hip Hop Kitchen. DJ Bonnie Danger and DJ Jasmine Solano were in the house. The video is a little distorted. If you have better footage let me know.

If you weren’t there…. whoo wee!

Don’t make that mistake again.

Bless Roxwell came out swinging as the first act. She got the party started and kept it going.

Nemiss started off by “taking the time to tap into [her] divine” and we’re glad she did. She ripped it! She has a crazy energy, she can sing, and she has lyrics. Don’t believe me? Listen to Bombshell and you tell me.

Eagle Nebula was next. Why did she show up with a live show? Stop PLAYING! She really put on a full show, but a few of my favorites were “Good Day” and “Love Bombs”.

Singer Jessie Rose went up next. She brought a woman positive vibe with her opening song.

Patty Dukes
went on stage and brought us a gift: her student A Figs. They rocked the crowd the whole set.

Kallae All Day is a polished as any current performer. She started out with a dope a cappella joint, launched into a song, brought Likwuid on stage to do a song, and closed with a crazy a cappella. You want personality? Lyrics? A show? Kallae All Day is the one for you.

Lah Tere closed the show. You know what they say about saving the best for last? That ish is true.


Kandi Cole – Happy Birthday, Kandi Cole

Download Kandi Cole’s new album here.

Pearls of Wisdom

Last night’s Pearls of Wisdom show was bananas. I’m sorting through all the video and photos, but I wanted to at least let you know what’s coming. DJ Bonnie Danger and DJ Jasmine Solano were on the 1s and 2s.

Green Party VP candidate Rosa Clemente was also in the building!

There were performances by:

Bless Roxwell


Eagle Nebula

Jessie Rose

Patty Dukes and A Fig

Kalea All Day brought Likwuid in the stage

Lah Tere

more to come ……


Evon – The Music Bully

need something new to listen to? maybe something with a British accent? i got you. listen to Brit rapper Evon’s take on Blacks, women, and Londoners rapping on “No One Raps From London”.

listen here.


Monie Love Wants Your Music

hip hop artist Monie Love is accepting submissions for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Mic mixtape. i found out about it from

only submit if your music is fire! i said fire!

read the article and submit your music here.