Drop Beats Not Bombs Radio 9pm -11pm

Monday, November 30th I’ll be on the Drop Beats Not Bombs radio show talking about… what else? Women in Hip Hop! The whole show will be dedicated to talking about women that rap, dj, produce, etc. I’m really looking forward to hearing some new music and talking about all the dopeness that’s out there from women.

Tune in to WPVM Monday 9pm – 11pm EST to hear your favorite MCs get the love they deserve. I’ll be there!



We Are the Girl

This is a new online community was to formed “to give Women in Hip Hop a platform to Follow their Dreams & Give Back to the Community.” You gotta love that, right? And guess what else? Lin Que, formerly Isis of the X Clan, started it. That’s right. If you want to connect with women in hip hop you need to join. Yesterday.

Visit We Are the Girl.

Listen to Lin’s recent music.


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