Only Magazine About Women in Hip Hop – Anattitude


Found this great article on M.I.S.S. about Jeannette Petri and the only magazine that reps for women in hip hop, Anattitude! I wanted to share it with you:

“As promised, we’re hitting you with another installment of one of our most popular features—Women Making History!

Today, we are honoring a sister out of Brussels: Jeannette Petri—they call her Jee-Nice!—the creative force behind Anattitude Magazine.

Not familiar with the magazine? Well, we’re about to hip you!

Founded by Jeannette Petri, Anattitude Magazine has been around since 2005. The magazine is the first and only existing international Hip Hop magazine in print that represents the female side of Hip Hop culture. Intended as an antidote to the one-sided, boring, even nonexistent representation of contemporary female Hip Hop culture in the media. Anattitude presents strong independent women from around the world with a special focus on the variety of gender styles.”

To read the full article visit M.I.S.S. online.


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