Women in Hip Hop Include Women that BLOG!

as i was stumbling along the internet super highway, i came across this post about women bloggers. it resonated with me because that’s how i began my site. i went to Google and conducted a search for “women in hip hop” and i got almost nothing.


the more i have sought out musicians, artists, PR folks, managers, and bloggers that are women, i have found oodles of women out there in musicland contributing. why aren’t we connecting? i would like to have woman that contribute to hip hop music (including all the awesome bloggers i know) to comment on this post by including your name, what you do, and your site. don’t be shy.

represent yaself!




  1. HEY HEY HEY! I’m Shay and I host a monthly show on http://www.thebsideshow.com that focuses on up and coming musicians, actors, artists etc that are not getting the attention they deserve. I also have a blog on blog.thebsideshow.com that handles all the randomness of my world lol. I’m also a poet and have a book of poetry called QuietStorm Vol. 1 on sale now everywhere online. I Would luv to connect with other female bloggers! Hit me up http://www.thebsideshow.con blog.thebsideshow.com twitter.com/thebsideshow.com

  2. Hey! I already know that you’re aware of my site. You also show mad love and I definitely appreciate it and you have my support as well. I’ll go ahead and list it anyway so that other bloggers can connect.

    My name is Glennisha Morgan and I’m an advocate for Femcees and Women in Hip Hop period. I have a blog called, The Fembassy. It’s http://www.TheFembassy.Blogspot.com (www.thefembassy.com is under construction right now). I also do a weekly Femcee Feature on Digiwaxx’s Blog. You can check out all of the features on Digiwaxx here http://digiwaxx.ning.com/profile/Glennisha.

    I also do other writing as well. You can check that out at http://www.GlennishaTheWriter.com

  3. Eclectic events for the soul, open mind and free spirited. I produce live performance events like Indigo Lounge. I also make music and short films. I have a film called “Queerer Than Thou” screening internationally in film festivals. Next stop, Outfest L.A. Stay connected, this is the artist movement!

  4. shout to all the female doin they 1- 2..i appreciate yall..

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