Amanda Diva – Etcetera


This is one of the most real songs out right now: Amanda Diva’s “Etcetera”. I know I’ve felt like this before, “if I had a dick, I’d have about a million riders”.

Download here.


Luxi – Summer MC Search Goes to Dallas

You can hear more from Luxi, whose name is short for luxury, on MySpace and Twitter. Don’t forget to download her mixtape “The Formula Ill”.

La Blaxicana’s Article in Serrafemme Magazine


Marquita just posted this photo on Facebook. It’s the cover of her new Serafemme Magazine! Just in time for Pride season. Thanks Kin 4 Life and Lady L.U.S.T. for talking to me about hip hop, life,and homophobia.

La Blaxicana

Women in Hip Hop – China

Atlanta Lyricists – Summer MC Search

Hear more from Boog Brown. Check for the mixtape: Miss Black America coming soon. Also in the works, Dope Girl Magic. Stay tuned.

Hear more from Rita J. Download the Ms. Jackson mixtape now. Keep an ear to the street for the full album release Artist’s Workshop.

Homeless Task Force Rally in Atlanta TONIGHT

The Homeless Task Force is an organization out of Atlanta that helps homeless men. They were having a huge issue because the city cut off the water supply. Click here to read more about the water issue.

The larger issue is that the facility that helps over 1,000 people per day doesn’t have the funds it needs to continue running! Though primarily a men’s shelter the facility also helps between 10 and 60 women and children a night allowing them to sleep in the lobby.

Contribute $5 to help the Homeless Task Force to help the community help itself.

Bring your $5 to the rally tonight. STAND UP Atlanta! The facility provides the tools necessary to help homeless men, many veterans, get back on their feet through providing housing, transportation, job skills, etc. to help the community help itself.

DMV – Summer MC Search

Emperess: to read the full article click here.

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