Sticks and Stones



do words really matter?

i just read an old article about Russell Simmons calling for braodcasters and record companies to voluntarily remove, bleep or delete the words “bitch”, “nigga”, and “ho” from music. how funny. my first thought was, “what about skank, chickenhead, stripper, slut, cunt, titties, pussy, ass, booty, hole, etc.” my second thought was, “would it matter anyway?”

1) even before we heard these words on the radio the concepts were alive and well

2) where will it end? i could come up with a list of about 87 words i find offensive

3) who gets to decide? is context taken into account?

4) does it only matter to rap? what about rock? alternative music? reggaeton? (Spanish speakers know there are some words in those songs that would make you blush if you heard it in English)

How much do the words in songs matter? Where do we draw the line? Where should we draw the line?





  1. Peace and Blessings

    First off, seeing how much influence the major labels have over what gets burn on corporate radio, that’s kind of like the Clan asking law enforcement to be stricter on enforcing hate crimes.

    That said, the public’s airwaves (ie ‘Free’ radio and TV) are supposed to bastions of the public interest. And much as some would argue it creates a slippery slope, if enough take offense, it should be precluded.

  2. I find it crazy too. Who gets to decide if find it weird that “bitch” is allowed on the TV and radio but “shit” isn’t. Huh? I agree w/ comment one that if enough ppl are offended then they’d do something about it. Only because it would mess w/ ratings (aka $$$).

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