RA the MC: Respect Due



RA the MC is a rapper out of DC with 4 mixtapes under her fashionable belt. Skill? Check! Confidence? Check! Intelligence? Double check! World, get ready for the next dope female MC.


First thing I want to make sure everyone is clear on is this: RA the MC is the real deal. She’s hustled hard to get where she is and she’s not stopping anytime soon. Google her. You’ll find a long list of her battles, freestyles, mixtapes, shows, etc., but the question for all new artists is: how do you take the internet hype (and love) and convert that into dollars? “I don’t know” she says, “that’s what everyone is trying to figure out”. She has put a lot of thought into that question and, as usual, she has a plan, “artists are learning to wait. Use the hype from the internet to get labels to come to you. If you’re selling out shows A&Rs know it”. We all know artists that had a hot single and have gone the way of the dinosaur. “Labels are throwing 360 deals for one single” RA says, “labels have an agenda. They have an agenda and sometimes it’s different from yours”.

So, she does a lot of things on her own. RA makes it a point to be everywhere she needs to be to meet everyone she needs to meet. When asked about how far she has gone to get her network on she replies:

The craziest thing I ever did to network? Hmmmm … Okay. When I was in school in London, I went to Kanye’s Touch the Sky tour. After like the third song I threw my press kit on stage. I mean everything. The whole press kit, photos, everything. (laughs) They threw me out into the alley.

Now if that ain’t determination and dedication I don’t know what is. As much hard work as she’s put into this you might think she’d be on that ish, but she’s real cool and she’s repping for the everyday woman. Yeah, I said it, “woman”. She’s, “the girl that wakes up and wants to put on kicks. Most women, if they don’t have to put on heels, they not. I want an image that’s real and true to me”.

Which brings me to her experience as a woman in hip hop:

As girls, we gonna always have something to prove. You never really get a fair shot. You gotta be a female MC which is a label in itself. Guys don’t even listen if you not talking about sex. They will tell you that. I’ve heard it too many times. If you don’t rap about sex then they say, “why she sound like a dude”. It’s a catch 22.

Ms. MC is currently working on her upcoming album on the Strange Music label and her video for “I’m a 88er” is on the way. She’ll be promoting like crazy in the upcoming months so if you’re in the DMV you can check her out this weekend. If you’re not in the DMV pray she comes out to the Best Coast for some summer shows.



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