Stahhr – The Most Famous Femcee You Don’t Know


What more can be said about a woman that’s been on 3 Doom albums, has done work with ‘Nuff Said Records in Australia and Coffee Break Records in France, is respected across the country, gets love on air from DJ Premier for “Still Dope”, and wants to let you know, “I’m an MC. I’m a lyricist, and I will get in your ass”. Now THIS is my kind of “lady”.


First things first: why the title Femcee? Stahhr let me know that she is comfortable being an MC that’s a woman and when she began using the moniker, it was to be unique. Many people think that it means that she’s a feminist, but it really just means that she’s, “okay with being a girl”. She represents for the regular woman that you might meet on an everyday basis. She doesn’t eat meat, she rocks the crochet from time to time, and she’ll slay you on the mic. For real.

She started out doing shows in Atlanta, and she put out her first single in 2002, several collaborations and finally an album, Almost Never Was, in 2008. Working with Doom afforded her the opportunity to accompany him on the Beautiful Struggle tour with Talib Kweli. She didn’t focus on performing, more on soaking up game. Stahhr says touring, “got me to see that there’s money in it even if you’re not mainstream”. Her goal is to get out and do a lot more work nationally and overseas. She would like to learn an instrument, “do something experimental”, and be able to sustain her family with her art.

As much as I’m digging her music, you know I had to go in a little bit and ask why, after all the work, love, and respect, isn’t Stahhr a household name by now? She believes that it has to do with her not recognizing opportunities when they were presented. This time around she knows what she needs to do. “I’m gonna do videos, ask people for beats, and make myself more visible. Use my contacts and connections more”, she says. Bloggers are also helping out. When I began trying to locate MCs, DJcs, etc that happened to be women everyone told me to interview Stahhr. The word is out.

Even DJ Premier got the message. A few weeks ago he played “Still Dope” on his radio show. According to Stahhr’s MySpace page

Primo played “Still Dope” on Live From HeadQCourterz, his Sirius XM radio show this past Friday evening. It comes on the Hip Hop Nation channel midnight until 2 AM. I’m looking for some sound bytes now. He, Saigon and Statik Selektah were showing mad love to a sister, raving over the song, but for whatever reason the copy they had didn’t have my name on it. Thanks to JayForce for hitting me up and for trying to call in and let them know who that “dope unknown female mc” was.


 Stahhr put out “Still Dope” because she wanted music that, “didn’t sacrifice flavor for content”. She wanted to put out a song that let the people know she was able to go hard with her, “vegan, shea butter self”. And that she did. Everyone I have played the song for starts off by bobbin’ their head to the beat, then they get a really intense look on their face, and then… here it comes… wait for it.. wait for it…. “damn, who is this?”.

Even after all the love she’s still a ‘round the way girl. She handles her MySpace personally and will respond you thoughtfully and truthfully about her music. Stahhr believes, “if you’re making music, you’re sharing part of your soul. If you’re just making music for your self, you shouldn’t put it out there because if people like your music, if they feel a connection, they’re gonna want to meet you”.

When we started talking about her top 5 MCs she named: Redman (her favorite), Ghostface, Special Ed, Del the Funky Homosapien, and Andre 3000 and Nas tied for fifth. Word! No women? Stahhr explains, “we don’t have women that have MC only longevity. They drop out or turn into a model, singer, actor, or something”. Well… aight, but still. Stahhr wants to be clear that she has been influenced by MCs both male and female, however it was the dudes that made her wanna challenge herself the most.

It was about their skill, not their gender. Competing with another woman is futile, there are so few of us that we should be supporting each other until one of us breaks through. There is more than enough room for everyone to shine. Why waste time competing against someone in a similar position to mine; it’s the guys that are for the most part holding those top positions. If I’m better than this dude or if I’m better than that dude… yeah, that’s the goal, because like it or not, hip hop is male dominated.

We’re all waiting for an MC to come hard, creative, and for the long term, maybe this Stahhr will have staying power.



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