A Man’s Perspective – DL Chandler aka Mash Comp aka Wise

Smash Comp

Most, if not all, of the things I will write on this blog are going to be from my perspective because it’s my blog, however I don’t want to shut men out of the discussion. In that spirit, I interviewed DL Chandler about his views on women in hip hop.

DL Chandler aka Mash Comp aka Wise is a hip hop artist and music critic in D.C. He has contributed to three albums and one mixtape from dumhi Productions. His first solo album should be out this summer.


First things first, Mash Comp is all about the ladies and all about hip hop. He believes that women can, and do, make great music. He believes that “the art form [hip hop] is just as important as rock and roll”. He also believes that he is “a fan first, MC second”.

We began talking about how MCs on the east coast are already deemed “better” than those of other regions simply because it originated in New York. Therefore “females from the east must be better” than females in other regions. It never occurred to me, however I concur that the world seems to agree with his statement. When we do take the time to talk about the dopest MCs with two X chromosomes, it always comes down to Lyte and Queen Latifa though as Smash Comp says, “Every region has had a female represent”. Damn, yet another layer to this thing. I guess that means all the dope rappers from the south, west, and all over the world better stand up!

He also mentioned that being non-Black has a role to play mentioning that there has been no “female Great White Hope” like Eminem or Asher Roth. Mash Comp mentioned Invincible from Detroit several times, so I want to be sure to include her, however neither of us brought up any Latina rappers or Asian rappers. I gotta say, this is another issue that I hadn’t really considered. After this conversation, I did send an email to the good folks over at Lao Roots Magazine asking if they knew any Laotian rappers that I can add to the blog. If you’re dope, you’re dope. That’s all there is to it.

Now we get to thick of it. When we started talking about what advice he would give to his daughter it was plain to see his love of hip hop. Mash Comp would tell his daughter to “be dope, be sincere, and do it knowing that people are watching you”. This is good advice for any rapper. How many of us have watched a video or heard a song and thought to ourselves, “Can you believe that they are getting paid for this crap? How many people are listening to this and believing all this garbage?” I know I have. In fact, I wonder how many MCs that are women have. We tend to see the Mother or the Whore from female MCs (see: Lauryn Hill and Lil’ Kim) and I have to wonder how much of those public personas is due to the knowledge that “people are watching”? Hmmmm…

“Men recognize their dominance in hip hop and abuse it”, admits Mash Comp. I would agree, but as in all things in life there is another dimension that must be mentioned: that off the woman as inquisitor. Sometimes it seems that women go harder on other women than they do on men. If she’s rapping about pussy poppin’ it’s, “ugh, she nasty” if she’s talking about her love for her children it’s, “don’t nobody care about that”. As Mash Comp says, “it’s like you lose or you lose” and in the meantime fellas play the back watching the “good girls” of hip hop hoping for an upskirt shot and leering at the “bad girls” while watching their videos with the sound off. These concepts are not lost on Mash Comp who mentions the, “self hate from sisters and automatic hate from brothers” as one reason that female MCs haven’t taken their rightful place in hip hop’s pantheon.

Though Mash Comp believes that MCs that are women “will never be seen to be as good as men” he says, “don’t worry about being mainstream worry about being good”. Spoken like a true hip hop fan.



To find out more about Mash Comp visit www.dumhi.com.


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