Now You Know – Nola Darling pt. 1

Nola Darling

We hooked up with rap duo Nola Darling while they were hosting Next Fresh Thing at the Viper Room.  They told us a little about their past, a little about their present, and you guessed it… a little about what’s coming up. They dropped the Pretty Gritty Mini-Mixtape a minute ago and fans have been thirsty for a while now.

For those of you that don’t know, Nola Darling is a dope group that personifies cutting edge  hip hop: they sing, they rap, the talk about series issues, and they party. In short, they are a hip hop group with skills that you should know.

We’ll be bringing part two of the interview in a few weeks. We’re hoping to get some tape of them at thier upcoming show at USC and some behind-the-scenes photos of their upcoming photo shoot.



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  2. cooooolest domain name)))

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