Ms. Jade’s Goin’ Hard

Ms. Jade You’ll never guess who I was on the phone with today!

For real… guess.

Okay, okay it’s the one and only Ms. Jade. The Champ is back (3:20 seconds in)! For all of us that have been missing a normal (read: not a whore) MC repping for the women I’m happy to report that “I’m Not Dead” the mixtape is 80% done. She’s also gearing up to put out her second studio release, as yet untitled. The Champ hinted that there may be a contest to title her second project. I’ll keep you posted on that.


Ms. Jade started off in Philly singing. Who knew? She became interested in rapping when she was around seventeen years old and she got a deal on the spot after J. Brown heard her and immediately took her upstairs to meet Missy. Her album “Girl Interrupted” dropped 2002 with “Big Head” as the lead single. She worked closely with Timberland and took the lead from him regarding beats. Ms. Jade told me that when her first album was being created, she was “just happy to be here” and didn’t exercise as much creative control as she would have liked. As any new artist knows, there are pitfalls everywhere and for a MC that’s a woman there might be twice as many. From having people assume that you don’t write your own rhymes, to other MCs not respecting you, to having to carefully tread the am-I-sexy-enough/am-I-too-sexy line. This time around she knows how the game goes and she’s inspired by artists like Jay-Z saying, “see where he took it, that’s where I wanna go”. This time she’s taking the music directly to the people. She uses MySpace to keep up with her fans and a new website is in the works.

In case you’re wondering what happened after “Girl Interrupted” and what’s been happening since, you’ll want to check out “White Flag” off the new album. Ms. Jade is back in the studio gearing up to attack the rap world again. When I asked if she had any last words for her fans she said, “I just want to thank everybody for sticking by me. I’m not gonna let you down”.

To make sure she keeps her promise, I’ll be doing a follow up video interview with Ms. Jade in May. Let me know what you want to know.



Check for Ms. Jade’s “Old School Freestyle” on

Stay up with her projects on MySpace

Buy “Girl Interrupted” on Amazon

Girl Interrupted


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