Let Female MCs BREATHE

i read this article about MC Lyte last night and i actually beamed. i don’t do that too often when reading about women in hip hop. she expressed that she thought too many MCs that are women are shaped into the image that the male that is pushing them wants them to be. this got me thinking about Ms. Jade.

when she came i was i was thrilled that we had another MC with breasts and dope rhyme skills. i was a big fan of Eve and it was like she disappeared with all her tv shows, clothing lines, and parties with white folks, but i digress. Ms. Jade came out swinging. she has skills, personality, and humor. i figured she couldn’t miss with the mainstream audience… and then.. i don’t know what happened.

i remember watching Big Head and thinking, “is this something she came up with”? i loved the verses, i even liked the delivery, but the hook, “get your big head on the floor” left something to be desired.  i wonder how many new artists are unduly influenced by thier male counterparts?

is it an issue of women not having their own voice or or are women betraying thier art in an effort to reach the masses?



  1. I believe that there’s truth to the fact that in this patriarchal society, the view of woman as being in control or being strong is harshly deemed unacceptable. There’s no secret to why that is, fragile as the male ego tends to be at times. But to continually accept this secondhand treatment? That’s just as unacceptable.

    I may be a man, but I consider myself a supporter and proponent of sex-positive feminism, womanhood and sisterhood in totality. I also hope that, in some small way, I can help bridge the chasm between male and female artists. We’re all important.


    Wise aka MashComp


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can’t wait to post your article. We need to bring men into the discussion as well.

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