Female MCs are a Gimmick?

i’m throwing it out there because i’ve heard it said a few times now: are MCs born with two x chromosomes just gimmicks?

think back over all the MCs you thought were dope. hmmm

1) MC Lyte

2) Queen Latifa

3) Salt-n-Pepa …. okay, they are a little gimmicky….

4) Monie Luv

5) Lauren

6) Foxy Brown

7) Eve

8 ) Remy Ma

i’m leaving out a lot, i know… but i could here writing all day about the chick i saw in San Diego rip the mic on a dude stating, “your blood type’s AB, mine’s MC” (and the crowd goes wild) or the many, money, say me say many, many, many dope MCs i’ve seen over the years in clubs, at cyphers, and hustling hard with CDs in hand in front of swap meets, stores, and other unlikely purchase spots.

i must admit, when i think of women in hip hop in the present i think of Lil’ Kim…. and that’s it. not because she’s dope, but because she STAYS in front of the camera. usually barely clothed and, as of late, looking more white every day. is this what emceeing has come to? who can dress the least and can swallow a whole can of pop?


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